5-in-1 Sports Complex

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This inflatable play center gives you great bang for your buck!

The pentagon design of this multi-sports game makes it compact and very efficient.  Each station allows participants to do that sport without interference from one another.  The five individual stations keep everyone at the party involved. Side 1: Baseball: The batter enters the inflated batters circle using a foam covered bat to keep everyone safe.  The ball is placed on a constant stream of air making it hover in mid air without a pitcher, then swing away trying for the out field backdrop marked with holes and point totals.  Side 2: Basketball: Two hoops side by side with automatic ball return for the perfect free throw competition. Side 3: Football Toss: Ready HIKE!- Check your accuracy aiming for different receivers, make it  through the target for a touch down and bragging rights.  Side 4: Soccer: Step back and let it rip.  Perfect for practicing that world-cup winning penalty kick or just messing around. Side 5: Frisbee/Dart toss:  Test your skill and accuracy.  Both the Velcro triangle darts and Frisbee slots offer point scores...if you're keeping score.

Location Served:

  • Northern California
  • Northern Nevada


$195 5-in-1 sports complex  / Full Day Rental

Contact us for special promotions including weekday and off-season deals.  Minimum order may apply.

All Rentals Include:

  • Delivery/setup 
  • Insurance
  • Blower, power cords, and sand bags
  • Industry best equipment
5 in 1 sports complex    5 in 1 sports complex