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Mobile Rock Takes On The Challenge of "Going Green"

March 8, 2009
Press Release

Fact: Every ton of 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper saves: 12 trees, 1976 lbs of greenhouse gases, and 360 gallons of oil. We are always working to become more and more environmentally proactive. Mobile Rock is starting its 2009 season with sustainability and “eco-friendly” practices in mind.
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Mobile Rock at Sports Expo 2001

Get Vertical at the 2001 "YOUR EVENT HERE". Come and join the exciting and fun challenge of indoor rock climbing at the “YOUR EVENT”. Mobile Rock Incorporated has brought the mountains to you, and will be featuring the newest in portable climbing walls. The climbing wall accommodates 3 climbers at a time, looks and feels like real granite, and stands a towering 24 feet tall. Qualified climbing technicians will be on hand to show you the ropes of rock climbing. This rock is fun for all ages, and contains hundreds of routes and challenges that are color coded for both the beginner and more advanced climbers. Experience rock climbing first hand (and foot) as you climb to the top of the wall. Don't miss the fun, come and check out the thrill of rock climbing, for more information on how to bring the Mobile Rock to your special event contact Mobile Rock at (530) 823-5700 or come visit us at the show.

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