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Looking for a completely new, exciting, and memorable highlight to your next event?

This has it all. brings ZIPLINING out of the woods and directly to you. We have combined our professional interactive team with the most exciting and innovative technology in entertainment equipment today. Whether you’re 5 years old or 85 years young this is one of the most fun and exciting activities you will ever do!

Location Served:

  • Northern California
  • Northern Nevada
  • Southern Oregon


$2495-$3495  first 4 hour rental

$395-$495 each additional hour

Contact us for special promotions including weekday and off-season deals

All Rentals Include:

  • Fully staffed with certified climbing team
  • Delivery/setup
  • Insurance
  • Industry best equipment

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How does it work?

This zip line is a completely self -contained trailer unit that is brought directly to you. Our team sets up the commercially built, professionally engineered, and state certified MOBILE FLYWIRE zipline in one hour or less. When set up the launch station or crow’s nest stands a towering 28 feet tall with dual zip lines for 2 at a time participation. The length of the zipline can be adjusted to fit your event ranging from 120 feet to more than a football field at 350 feet.

Let the adventure begin!

All participants are safety harnessed then hike a spiral staircase up to the crow’s nest 28 ft in the air. They are then attached to the zipline by our trained team via a redundant safety pulley and prepared for launch. Two at a time can zip side by side so not only can they enjoy the ride but also there partners expressions while in flight. The safety doors are opened and the real thrill begins. Flying through the air reaching over 21 MPH they approach the specially designed power pack decelerator and come to a gradual stop. The cables are then hydraulically lowered and the brave “zip liners “ are detached from the FLYWIRE- The smiles laughter and occasional squeals say it all.

Safety Although outdoor zip lines have been around for many years it is important to realize that not all zip lines are created equally. This commercially made, patented, fully engineered product has several redundant safety features built in for the participants’ safety. Made is the USA with the highest quality materials and industry proven equipment this California State approved product is designed to ensure safety. All participants are harnessed by a certified technician in a specially designed custom harness then attached to a backed up zip cable and redundant safety tether. The Flywire cables allow the participants to be completely suspended in the air during the entire zip then slowly lowered by a patented hydraulic lowering system. The launch pad doors can only open if the participant is secured properly and the system is in a “ready to zip” position. Flying through the sky the participants are safely slowed to a stop with the specially designed “Power Pack” giving all who ride an exhilarating and safe experience.
Participants Per Hour: 80-120 depending on cable length
Number of Staff Provided: Minimum of 3
Height of Zipline Tower: 34 feet
Required Footprint: 15ft wide X 35ft tall X 140-320 ft long
Required Surface: Fairly level and flat that a truck and trailer can be driven on