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Schools need value without compromise in personnel, safety, and service.

We feel the most important questions every school event should ask is WHO will be working with our kids, IS the equipment safe, and HOW do we know we’ll get what we pay for?

Unlike most entertainment companies every Mobile Rock & Extreme Interactive representative is an employee of the corporation.

We do not hire outside labor or "help" for one event or a busy few weeks. All our employees are carefully considered for their ability to interact with children, healthy active lifestyle, appearance, and ongoing professionalism. Over 80% of our team has been with us for more than 5 years. Our promise is: we only have people who we would trust to work with our family, work with yours.

As an active and involved customer in the research and design of our products, as well as a consultant on safety with our insurance company we are able to maintain safety, stay up to date, and be very selective on what type, models and designs of equipment we use at our events. All our equipment is cleaned, checked, replaced and maintained on a strict schedule. Although we know every activity has some inherent risk, by being educated, informed and committed we have maintained a perfect safety record.

You know you'll get what you pay for with Mobile Rock because our customers tell us so by having us back year after year. We have built a reputation for safety, professionalism, and fun for the past 14 years and we don't plan on messing that up now.

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