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Turbo Tubs will spin your next event into a whole new dimension!

Children and adults can climb aboard the Turbo Tubs of Fun, buckle in and get ready for a multidimensional thrill!  Grab the handles and start the spin cycle, but once up to speed, the operator starts the spin too!  The Turbo Tubs is an exciting, people-powered, interactive experience that is a favorite at any event.  Up to 12 participants at a time makes this item a huge hit for school fundraisers, mass venues, community events, concerts, church and school carnivals..

Location Served:

  • Northern California
  • Northern Nevada


$1095-$1395 / 4 hour rental

$195-$295 per additiional hour

Contact us for special promotions including weekday and off-season deals

Minimum order may apply


All Rentals Include:

  • Certified Operator
  • Delivery/setup 
  • Insurance
  • All necessary accessories
  • Industry best equipment

Watch the video of the Turbo Tubs of Fun!

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More Information

Turbo Tubs of Fun

Turbo Tubs of Fun

The Turbo Tubs is a great ride because both children and their parents can participate. The ride can seat up to 12 participants at a time. The entire ride spins plus the participants can lock their tubs in place or choose to spin them at whatever speed they like. Take your event to the next level!

Additional Safety Guidelines:

  1. This is a participatory ride.
  2. You must observe all rules and follow all instructions given by operator.
  3. DO NOT ride this ride if you have any known medical conditions that might adversely affect your enjoyment or physical condition (i.e. pregnancy, high blood pressure, bad back, vertigo issues, etc.).
  4. Keep seatbelt tight at all times and remain seated at all times. Keep hands and arms inside the tubs.
  5. DO NOT spin the tubes before the ride starts and stop spinning when the ride stops.

Most important: Be Safe and Have Fun!!

Number of Participants at Once: 12
Number of Participants Per/Hour: 360
Best for Ages: 2 and up
Set Up Time: 30-45 minutes
Space Required: 20 ft. X 20 ft. circle for ride and fencing
Electrical Requirement: generator always included with rental
Volunteer Requirements: None. Comes fully staffed with (1) full-time operator
Set Up Surface: Fairly level, Any surface
Perfect For: All Special Events and Venues, great for fundraising events, carnival theme events, church events, concerts and community events.